What is the Scope of a Phase I ESA?


When is a Phase I ESA needed?

A Phase I ESA is needed as part of the due diligence process during a real estate transaction, such as a property purchase, sale, refinancing, or land lease. A due diligence inquiry can determine if any contamination or hazardous conditions may exist before the transaction. This is important because you may be paying the cost of the clean up. Therefore, a Phase I ESA is crucial in protecting the buyer or lender from future liability.


A Phase I ESA is conducted for commercial and industrial properties, rural land, open undeveloped land, and residential multi-family properties. As such, nearly all real estate transactions involve a Phase I.


Contact KC Environmental Consulting, LLC to see if a cost-effective environmental due diligence tool such as a Desktop Environmental Report or a Transaction Screen Assessment (TSA) can fulfill your environmental risk needs.

Why Choose KC Environmental Consulting, LLC?

KC Environmental Consulting, LLC employs an extensive research process to ensure our reports are detailed and accurate. Our meticulous and detailed reports provide distinct, firm conclusions, including our assessment of actual risk, and common-sense recommendations on which our customers can rely.


KC Environmental Consulting, LLC delivers high quality ESAs that exceed ASTM standards in order to deliver reports to our clients with the greatest level of protection. The most significant areas of research are identified for every project early in the process for on-time delivery, even for rush deadlines. Every report is meticulously managed from start to finish ensuring consistent quality from one project to the next.

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